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Are you making the most of what your bank has to offer? MagniFI has a long history of implementing strategies that make good banks great.


Summit Community

“The new branch has been a huge success... When it’s time for a new branch I’m going back to MagniFI."

Farmer’s State Bank

“We’ve done two projects with MagniFI. The first word that comes to mind about working with them is easy. The second is responsive.  And the third is patient.”

First Vincennes Savings Bank

“The project came in under budget, on time, with no issues of any kind to deal with. If we were approachd by another bank about our experience, we'd have to give them A's...It was great!”

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Consumer National Bank Minerva, OH


Watch a live feed of our current project. Whether you are building a new facility or redesigning an existing office, our in-house architectural department designs a space around your unique business model.