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MarketFI Analysis™

The MarketFI Analysis™ is a tool for finding the best branch locations. The analysis is based on the demand for financial products in the candidate areas and provides an excellent snapshot of expected return for your investment. And we custom tailor it to your unique business model. We start by gathering data on your key strengths. We then search the broad range of possible branch locations to find the best specific sites for further study. These locations are then analyzed and ranked based on four categories of data: demographic, psychographic, competitive profiles, and product penetration. The study includes a Return on Investment Analysis with five-year protection of deposits, loans, and net income. And MagniFI adheres to a strict Nondisclosure Agreement covering all the information we collect.


Property Search & Aquisition

When it comes to property searches, we know the best place to start. The perfect location may be an empty lot, or it may be an existing structure. MagniFI confidentially searches for the best potential site, securing it at the best possible price. We perform the necessary due diligence (zoning, surveys, soil testing, historical reviews, environmental assessments) to eliminate every potential obstacle.


Architecture & Engineering

Whether you are building a new facility or redesigning an existing office, our in-house architectural department designs a space around your unique business model. Then we bring in the interior designers, followed by the electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers. Finally, we let our merchandising and branding experts go to work. The floor plan is developed to ensure your customers have the best banking experience possible, and the exterior is designed both to reflect your brand and to suit the surrounding area. The final design is not only efficient and versatile—it’s also welcoming, comfortable, and stylish.


Site Preparation & Building

No matter where the project is located, MangiFI carefully hand-selects construction professionals with proven experience in building financial institutions. When the dust settles, your new building will be ready for business, complete with applicable banking equipment, state-of-the-art security, solutions for your data, IP infrastructure, and furniture. From ground breaking to ribbon cutting, MagniFI covers every detail. Everything is completely turn-key, so the day the project is finished is the day you can open for business.


Staffing and Training

Drawing on our knowledge of your organization and the community you serve, we will work closely with you to find the very best talent to staff your key positions.


POS Promotion

MagniFI does more than just build your new branch. Our in-house marketing department works closely with you to develop powerful branding and point-of-sale marketing materials.